WIN Nordic

New water co-operation creates Nordic water market

The home market is growing right now for the innovative water companies supported by three Nordic network organizations. They have signed a letter of intent and decided to form WIN Nordic, a new Nordic innovation water platform, and with the Nordic countries as home market the international market is definitely within reach.

In the first stage, the Nordic water platform will actively stimulate collaboration between companies and establish contacts to large corporations, municipalities and universities making use of the proven WIN toolbox. The added value comes from the combination of existing resources, customers and proven concepts of three organizations in different Nordic countries.

Seed money to build the platform

“Innovation Express” which is BSR Star’s funding instrument, will be funding the platform with seed money for the start-up phase January-September 2015. The fundament for the platform will be built during the start-up phase. The BSR program aims at speeding up innovation in the Baltic Sea Region.

The founding partners in this platform are WIN – Water Innovation Accelerator from Lund, Sweden, Clean Water Norway and Novago Business Development Ltd from Finland. The plan is to eventually include all Nordic countries.

Targeting international water markets

Active enhancement of co-operation between start-ups and young innovative
companies from Sweden, Norway and Finland will provide young innovative companies a better environment for international growth and development. Only by strong Nordic partnerships can cross-fertilization and synergies from the ability to enter demanding export markets be enabled.

Utilizing existing knowledge from across the Nordic countries will help identifying business opportunities and speed up market access. Sharing of business leads and directing them to the best expert is today the growing way of finding new business and customers. Finding partners for business and R&D to meet market needs and commercialize new ideas is crucial for start-ups and young companies. The access to funding and local investments will improve as a result of the Nordic co-operation.

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