2015-12-16 WIN attracts more funding for Nordic collaboration

We are happy to announce that WIN has received funding from BSR Stars Innovation Express for a follow-up project to WIN Nordic for 2016. WIN (Sweden), Vannklyngen (Norway) and Water In Urban Areas (Denmark) have been granted funding from each respective country for collaboration around water innovation. Novago (Finland) and the Catalan Water Partnership (Spain) are also part of the project, but without budget.

Here are the partners in the new project NORDIC WIN:
Water Innovation Accelerator, Sweden
Water in Urban Areas, Denmark
Vannklyngen, Norway
Novago, Finland
Catalan Water Partnership, Spain

We are looking forward to continue our fruitful Nordic collaboration! All partner meetings had Nordic contributions during 2015 and this will be the aim also for 2016. Business partnership between the different clusters will be encouraged. One aim for the project is also to connect test beds in different countries to facilitate product verification and market introduction.