Water Innovation Accelerator (WIN ) is a business network that facilitates faster market access to innovative products and services. Founded in January 2012, the WIN network consists of small innovative companies as well as large corporations and other organizations such as universities and municipalities.

Participating innovation companies receive support and assistance from WIN to develop their new products and services as well as their business. Municipalities are often not themselves organized for innovation work, but are interested in and have the need for new solutions. They are therefore important as customers to new products and services. Large corporations and municipalities contribute to WIN by providing support to companies, facilitating market access and setting up test beds, in addition to personal and financial contributions as members.

WIN has already seen several examples of cross-fertilization and synergies between partially competing activities that occur within the neutral platform that the network provides.

WIN is a non-profit organization that is part of Ideon Open, an Open Innovation initiative at the Ideon Science Park in Lund, Sweden.  Funding comes mainly from membership fees and Tillväxtverket – the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. Project owner is Ideon Open AB.

For more information, contact

Johan Kronholm
Development Manager
+46 704 267079