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Tilek AB

Tilek Aktiebolag is a Swedish company which has developed a new process to remove harmful components from ground water in order to produce drinking water quality.

The work is concentrated on elements such as arsenic, lead and uranium. They are present in ground water at too high concentrations in many countries in the world.

The process for their removal is based on the use of oxides of iron and manganese.  A combined solid product of these compounds has been demonstrated to have excellent capacity to eliminate the elements mentioned.

The process developed is named Tilaquas.  It takes place in two stages: In a reactor tank followed by a particle separation stage.

Six commercial installations have been built. An additional contract for a Tilaquas installation in Sweden with capacity to remove lead, uranium, nitrite, iron and manganese with a capacity for 15 households has recently been signed.

Standard equipment is used.  A normal pressure tank is used as reactor. A suspension of the solid particles is fed by a small membrane pump into the water at times when water is flowing into the tank.  Due to turbulent conditions inside the tank the contact between solid particles and the incoming water is efficient. A normal sand filter with automatic flushing is used for separation of the solid particles with its impurities.

Tilek is looking for an established company in the field with good knowledge of the market not only in Sweden but also in other countries for cooperation in the further commercialization of the process.


Tilek Aktiebolag, Dr. Westerlunds gata 18, 74563 Enköping, Sweden.

Contact:, tel.: + 46 70 560 06 83

Join Business & Technology

Welcome to us at JOIN. We deliver and support strategic research development in most technology areas. We help you, and your organization, to develop products, processes and business. We supply custom-designed products for industry and research.

In producdevelopment we are focusing in three business areas:

JOIN Thechnology: 

JOIN offers advanced product development consulting services. We have an impressive amount of expertise in mainly three areas: design, construction and management.

Our aesthetic designers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in designing and coloring appliances and equipment to make them easy to use and get a selling and presentable look. Thechnology design is a big concept at JOIN. JOIN has broad competence in general physics, mechanics, electronics and computer engineering. We also have specialists in thermodynamics, multifysics and programming.

Management:  Project management, coaching of your leaders, technical due diligence, financing of venture capital and advice and deed all the way to developmental strategic issues at the board level.

JOIN Equipment:

JOIN delivers specially developed equipment and instruments for industry and research. We have a long-term commitment to deepen and become a champion in the field.

Our location at Ideon Science Park means a continuous exchange of industry and research with many new ideas and creative thoughts for brand new principles. Many of our delivered solutions are intended for measurement and analysis, but we also do material handling, fluid systems for energy management and chemical processes. We are used to moving in to the borderland for what is possible.

JOIN Business:

JOIN Business stands for the highest level of expertise and long experience from everything from advanced business strategy management to venture capital companies, evaluating new technologies and its markets to also search and transfer venture capital. If you need reinforcement in the board or company management we can help with that as well.

JOIN Business & Technology
Ideon Science Park
Scheelevägen 15
223 63 LUND
046-286 34 00

Göran Nybom


Again´s solution captures nutrients from both WC and waterless toilets. Our unique additive ZeoPeatTM , made from natural and richly available components, captures more than 95% of phosphorous and more than 70% of nitrogen and potassium from the liquid part. The wet fertilizer can be locally dried and can be used as powder or pelletized in agriculture.


Mikael Olsson
+46 (0)705-364094


From biogas to electricity

Againity has developed an innovative system producing electricity from heat in biogas boilers, gas engines, gas turbines and any other heat source from 90 degrees Celsius. The system is based on the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology and an in-house developed steam turbine. The system can utilize heat down to 90 degrees Celsius and still have a short payback time for systems down to 20 kW. Today four ORC systems are up and running on the Swedish market where biogas from waste water treatment plants have become a major customer segment. The ORC system is delivered pre-fabricated and installed by a simple pipe connection of the heat source and a cable to the power grid. It is fully automated and a TCP/IP connection allows convenient monitoring and remote control. The turbine system consists of high-quality components, designed to last long periods without maintenance. At Againity we happily help with suggestions of technical set-up and financial calculations for potential projects.

Elin Ledskog
+46 (0) 705 29 32 23

2017-02-17 Pressrelease WIN five years (Swedish)

PRESSMEDDELANDE                                                                                                  Lund 17 februari 2017


Vattennätverket firar fem år med utdelning av WIN Award

Igår firade nätverket WIN Water att det funnits i fem år. Det firades med att dela ut WIN Awards till fyra företag som utmärkt sig inom sitt område. Vattenacceleratorn WIN är ett initiativ från vattenbranschen och arbetar med att snabba på innovationstakten och få ut innovationer på marknaden.

Sedan starten 2012 har nätverket hållit 20 partnermöten som totalt samlat ungefär 900 personer som har nätverkat, gjort affärer och fått inspiration. Nätverket har under de fem åren vuxit från nio medlemmar till idag drygt 60. Det är nu 37 innovationsbolag och 26 partners som ingår i nätverket. Medlemmarna i WIN kommer från Sverige, Finland, Danmark, Tyskland och Holland.


Följande pris delades ut:

WIN Growth Award 2017

Nominering: For their rapid growth, great entrepreneurship, successful branding and visionary courage.


WIN Innovation Award 2017

Nominering: For their disruptive water treatment upgrade – from vacuum to silicon.


WIN Business Award 2017

Nominering: For securing large customers on a huge market and making impressive deals with WIN partners.

Pristagare: EKOBALANS

WIN Ambassador Award 2017

Nominering: For crossing bridges and borders to match make at most WIN events and positively contributing to the network.



Här ser vi vinnarna som tog emot WIN Award:

–          Michael Wick som är VD på danska Adept Water Technologies

–          Rickard Carlsson från Watersprint

–          Orbital Systems VD och grundare Mehrdad Mahdjoubi

–          EkoBalans grundare Gunnar Thelin


För ytterligare information kontakta:

Maria Sätherström Lantz, verksamhetsansvarig på WIN, +46 709 999 774


Om WIN Water

WIN Water är ett initiativ från vattenbranschen för att öka innovationstakten och snabbare möta behoven inom vattenområdet. Genom WIN Water lyfts vattenmarknadens behov fram till vatteninnovatörer, som får återkoppling på sina idéer direkt från marknaden. WIN startades 2012 och korsbefruktar, skapar affärer och synergier mellan företag och organisationer i nätverket. WIN är en del av Ideon Open – på Sveriges ledande innovationsmiljö, Ideon Science Park i Lund – med ambition och potential att skapa tillväxt genom öppen innovation, oberoende av bransch eller geografisk hemvist. Här har näringslivet chans att utveckla sin innovationskraft för att bättre klara den globala konkurrensen genom att samverka med den senaste forskningen, andra företag och drivna entreprenörer.