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Scandinavian Water Technology AB, SWATAB, is a Swedish company with a focus on a sustainable society.

With a new patented product, DIRO®, SWATAB can offer everyone an opportunity to wash their clothes completely chemical-free. For us, the key words health, environment, energy and economy   are always at the forefront of development and manufacturing.

To maintain a world for future generations we need to reduce the strain on the earth. SWATAB’s filter system DIRO® makes normal detergent chemicals redundant and reduces energy usage used within laundry and dishwashing processes.


Per Hansson, CTO R&D

Mob: +46 (0)733- 466 908

Veolia Water Technologies

With a worldwide network of experts, Veolia Water Technologies provides a complete range of services required to design, build, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities for industrial clients and public authorities.

Anoxkaldnes, a global leader in biological processes since 1986, specializes in biological wastewater treatment based on the MBBR technology for municipal and industrial wastewater. Anoxkaldnes designs and develops technology and process solutions, and provide laboratory and specialist services.

Hydrotech, a global leader in microscreen filter solutions since 1984, develops and manufactures high-performance filters for suspended solids removal for the industrial, municipal and aquaculture markets.

Sofia Lind

+46 46 18 21 51


2017-10-01 Pressrelease NEPTUNE

 September 2017


104 European SMEs and Would-be Entrepreneurs submitted applications under NEPTUNE Blue Growth Accelerator Call

The second call to support innovative European SMEs and Would-be Entrepreneurs closed on September 15th, with a significant participation of European SMEs. With 104 applications received, in comparison to 80 presented under the first call, NEPTUNE Blue Growth Accelerator demonstrates once again the interest of innovative SMEs in this kind of support mechanism.

The success factors are multiple:

The accelerator approach itself, with a simplified process to submit, shortened application and a time to grant of less than 3 months;

The set of activities developed by the Accelerator and its associated clusters with international brokerage event and project idea emergence meetings;

The cross-sectoral and cross-national dimensions, which allow SMEs from different sectors and countries to find complementarities in a joint project to develop innovative technologies, services and products;

The great potential for innovation and economic growth of the Blue Economy;

The access to EU funding facilitated for novice SMEs;

The possibility to finance prototype and demonstration which are, by far, the most requested types of support.

The next step for the Accelerator is the evaluation of the applications which will take place during the entire month of October. The SMEs will be informed of the results by beginning of November, for an effective start on January 2018.

About the first cut-off deadline funded projects

Access the full description of the 18 projects led by innovative SMEs and Would-be entrepreneurs from the NEPTUNE website representing an investment of € 1.3 million.

Topic Project SME Country
Environment AMOS SEMANTIC TS France
GET Greece
Planetek Hellas Greece
CYPREOS France Eponge
Zero 2 Infinity SL Spain
World BioCoast Terra Spatium Greece
I-Sea France
Maritime Transport MaSSy OptionsNET Greece
Sparsity Technologies Spain
PROPHESEA Predict France
Wave Model Confidence Index Noveltis France
Compagnie Maritime Chambon
Water Management CROSSCLIMATE Amigo Srl Italy
ANASYWA – Advanced Nano filtration system for water treatment  SC ELECTRONIC APRIL Srl Romania
Stea Tech Srl
Increasing the efficiency of nutrients removal in small community wastewaters ECOTRUST Srl  Romania
OST Group Srl
Marine Renewable Energies 4S4G ProLarge France
NEREIDE SAS Bobinage Artisanal Charentais France
Wave-Bumper Wave Bumper  France
Port Logistics RFIDrone Drone by Drone  Spain
Stockare RFID solutions




Coordinated by Aerospace Valley, NEPTUNE which stands for New Cross Sectoral Value Chains Creation across Europe Facilitated By Clusters for SMEs’ Innovation in Blue Growth is a European Union funded innovation action financed by the INNOSUP component of the HORIZON 2020 programme. It brings together 15 of Europe’s leading clusters, 3 Science Parks/Technology/Research Centres, 2 regional development Agencies and 2 Innovation/Cluster expert organisations from 7 EU countries (France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain and Sweden). NEPTUNE targets the support of 100 European SMEs (individual or in groups) and the creation of 10 new companies in 15-20 new or reconfigured cross-sectoral/-cluster/-border value chains for the development of around 40 impactful and innovative solutions to improve existing or develop new technologies, services or products, improve production processes replacing or reducing the use of critical resources and deploy large scale demonstrators. It is driven by the integration of new technologies and know-how, facilitated by clusters in Water, Maritime, Aerospace, ICT, Microelectronics, Agrifood, Logistics, Creative Industries, Energy, and Mobility to foster the development of Blue Growth industries in Europe.


Mrs. Pauline THEOPHANE, Coordinator +33 (0)5 56 84 54 41

Mr. Colin RUEL, Communication contact +33 (0)4 94 03 89 03



NEPTUNE_Press Release #4

13/9 The WIN-WIN Meeting — Game-changing innovations for a sustainable society

This is the start of something new! Join us for the first combined partner meeting where WIN Water and WIN Guard come together to create new opportunities and along with it the launch of our newest network: WIN Energy. For even more WIN-WIN possibilities, do not miss the chance to sign up for our Magical Mingle afterwards.

Water, public safety and energy are all essential for a well-functioning, resilient and sustainable society. Innovative sparks will fly on the 13th of September in Malmö, when we gather national and international actors from start-ups, large corporations, public organizations and academia to discuss common challenges and opportunities. Which initiatives, game-changing approaches and innovations will lead the way?

It’s time to push the frontiers and discover new business potential in the borderland between different sectors and industries! The future is bright: there is a multitude of innovative solutions out there. Let’s work together to get these solutions to the market and update outdated methods and technologies.

“Game-changing innovations for a sustainable society” is the theme of the day — join us for new perspectives, future spotting, inspiring talks and parallel sessions on how we can create a brighter future with regards to infrastructure, resilience and security, as well as tangible opportunities for new businesses. Here is a sneak peek of the day’s topics:

  • – Short pitches: game-changing innovations
  • – Disruptive businesses: the future of fire and rescue services, water and energy
  • – Water and Public Safety: common challenges and collaboration opportunities
  • – Contamination and environmental value: what is the market value of preventing contamination or environmental harm
  • – Digitalization and tech: creating a more sustainable society
  • – Scouting for the future: international trendspotting and business intelligence
  • – Cooperation: the key to the future

After a high-energy day of inspiring talks and creative sessions we would also like to invite you to our Magical Mingle where we take networking to the next level. Connect with innovators, movers, shakers, potential partners and customers in new ways!

We believe in creating opportunities for new collaboration and business. With our meetings we encourage our members to learn from each other, to share knowledge and experiences across different sectors and industries, private and public organizations, SMEs and larger enterprises as well as between individuals. Therefore, we are focusing on open innovation and active matchmaking to create hands-on business that will accelerate the positive spiral of development and disruptive innovations. Our aim is to speed up the progress and make a difference.

Place: Studio, Malmö, Sweden
Date: September 13 2018
Time: 9.00 – 16.00
Magical Mingle: 16.00 – 18.00

Please note that the number of participants is limited, so do not forget to register to secure your place. If you are a member you will have received an invitation by email. In case you did not receive an email contact WIN Meetings are for WIN members but guests are more than welcome. If you are interested in this event and you’re not a WIN-member yet, feel free to contact to attend as a guest. 

Any questions or thoughts? Please contact or