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Neptune Project

WIN is a partner in the NEPTUNE project. NEPTUNE project offer entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Blue Growth sector opportunities to fund their projects, get business development support from WIN and partners and support the creation of new cross-sectoral value chains by creating new networks and contacts.

Blue Growth industries are defined as the development and use of the potential of oceans, seas, and related infrastructures as well as any inland fresh-water sources and their exploitation. It includes therefore all sectors and industries related to maritime environments as well as sectors producing, making use of, and treating fresh-water sources.

To apply for grants in the Neptune projects you should focus on any of the following sectors:

  • Water management in rural environments
  • Water management in urban environments
  • Port logistics
  • Fluvial and maritime transport
  • Environment
  • Marine renewable energy

NEPTUNE is a European Union funded innovation action which brings together the expertise of 12 partners from 7 European countries. It runs for 30 months until December 2018 under the coordination of French Aerospace Valley.

The overall objective is to develop new cross-sectoral and cross-border industrial value-chains led by SMEs to foster the development of Blue Growth industries in Europe and beyond.

There are a couple of different ways to be involved in Neptune:

  1. As a supplier of experts services to entrepreneurs and SMEs: Call for experts
  2. Blue Growth SME and would-be entrepreneurs seeking financial grants: Call for interest
  3. Blue Growth SME and would-be entrepreneurs seeking financial advices and business development support: Call for interest
  4. Being part in an Innovation Club to broaden your network in related technical sectors and find co-partners for application. First Innovation Club will be held in Lund January 18 at 9-13: Join an Innovation Club

More information:


Call for experts

Become a NEPTUNE service provider and support Blue Growth

NEPTUNE has launched a call for interest to establish a list of experts (technical and consultancy service providers) to support the beneficiaries of NEPTUNE voucher system in one or more of the following topics: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR); Technology Development/Transfer; Overcoming non-technical barriers; Scalability and Internationalization; Incubation and Prototyping or Large Scale Demonstration. The selected experts will included in the official Neptune handbook.

Deadline: 15 September 2017 (Selection made on a regular basis starting from December 2016)

You are a legal entity or an individual expert established in one of the EU Member States, able to provide efficient support services and advices to SMEs in one or more of the following topics: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR); Technology Development/Transfer; Overcoming non-technical barriers; Scalability and Internationalization; Incubation and Prototyping or Large scale Demonstration. If you also act in one of the focused sectors as above, it is a merit.

More information and application form: Call for Experts


Call for interest SME & would-be entrepreneurs

Apply now and get funded and supported by NEPTUNE’s Blue Growth Accelerator

A call for Expression of Interest to support the development of innovative technologies, services and products in the Blue Growth sector will be published end of December. With an Indicative budget of more than 3M€, it constitutes a unique opportunity to finance innovative projects for the Blue Economy.

Small and Medium Enterprises, entrepreneurs and would-be-entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get direct financial support of vouchers up to €60,000 € and an access to a wide range of professional coaching and mentoring services to develop. The projects that will be supported will address one of the sector:

Deadline 1: 15 March 2017 @17:00 CET, Deadline 2: 15 September 2017 @17:00 CET

Indicative total budget: 3,232,000 €

The two calls detailing the eligibility and admissibility criteria, the topics and challenges looking for solutions, the vouchers and services offered, the application and evaluation process and the are available in the Neptune project website

More information and application form: Call for Interest


Innovation club

The objective with the Innovation Club is to create new value-chains and cross-sector cooperation that could be financed through the Neptune voucher and coaching scheme. WIN is theme leader för Water management in Urban environment with sub-theme “Efficient urban water resources management”.

The first Innovation Club will be held in Lund January 18 between 9-13 o’clock.

We will meet at Ideon Agora in Lund and have the first part of the meeting in common. Thereafter we will divide into different sub-groups addressing other subjects of interest. All themes are developed around the sectors mentioned above.

Who should attend:

  • Established SMEs in need for new technical solutions and cooperation in order to address defined challenges.
  • Would-be-entrepreneurs that would like to test their ideas and find cooperation partners from the other attendees.
  • Technical experts, both in specific technical fields like big data or sensor technology and sector experts in e.g. water management who would like to find new applications and cooperation for their expert knowledge.


Number of seats are limited to 10. The Innovation Club is free-of-charge and lunch is included.

Are you interested to attend please e-mail Johan Kronholm ( with a copy to Jeanette Andersson ( as soon as possible but no later than Jan 6, 2017.

Questions? Call Jeanette +46 (0)733 181982 or Johan Kronholm+46 (0)704 267079.



 Neptune B_Growth

 Neptune Blue Growth Accelerator group


Aquarden Technologies ApS

 Solutions for treatment of industrial wastewater

Aquarden Technologies is an expert in sustainable treatment of problematic wastewater and offers total solutions for solving some of the toughest wastewater challenges. We deliver consultancy, turnkey systems, and services – all customized to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Our mission is to help customers in complying with the highest environmental standards for wastewater treatment by providing green, and cost-effective solutions with the best available technology and wastewater expertise. Resource recovery is an integral part of Aquarden’s R&D philosophy. Our solutions benefit a number of different industries like biotech, chemical, pharmaceutical, landfill, laundries, galvanic, and petrochemical.


Our flagship, Waterox

Wastewater can be a hazardous cocktail of pharma­ceuticals, solvents, detergents, industrial chemicals, hormone-disrupting compounds, pesticides, and more. Aquarden’s proprietary and prize-winning Waterox-system is specifically designed for treatment of wastewater with high contents of toxic and hardly-degradable organic substances.

The fully automated system efficiently removes organics, salts, and heavy metals in one step. The purified water is so clean that it can be discharged directly to the ocean, or reused as process water. The method behind Waterox is called SCWO (SuperCritical Water Oxidation). The patented Waterox-system was launched in 2015.

The company is based in Skævinge, approx. 45 minutes from Copenhagen, and our facilities include fully equipped production halls, chemical laboratory, R&D, and test facilities for our expanding team of specialists.

Christine Qvistdorff, Marketing Manager
+45 48708588



Soleva Technologies AB

Soleva Technologies works with new and creative ways to dehydrate products containing water. Our expertise lies in the areas of food engineering and membrane technologies where we have the knowledge and experience to look at the entire process from raw material to concentrated product. Our technology can be used, for example, to create fruit pastes and jams from juicy fruits that are difficult to preserve using traditional drying methods. We are based in the stimulating and vibrant city of Lund.

Contact person:
Randi Phinney
Managing Director
+46 76 161 35 14