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Swedish Hydro Solutions AB

Swedish Hydro Solutions offers knowledge, products and equipment for effective and environmentally sustainable treatment of large volumes of water.

Swedish Hydro Solutions AB is an innovation company in environmental and water engineering. We are a knowledge hub and source of knowledge regarding water treatment and long-term, ecologically and economically sustainable change management. Our goal is to be one of the leading suppliers of environmental and water treatment solutions in Europe.

We work primarily with our patented water treatment technology, which we have introduced to the Swedish market over the last two years. The technology is based on fully biodegradable treatment substances and our technology has proven results, both in Sweden and abroad, and demonstrated high safety for the environment and effective treatment results.

We focus primarily on companies in building and construction industry, and other companies with a need for high-quality treatment of large volumes of water. Our knowledge and technology provides financial benefits and time savings for our customers and partners, as well as an environmentally sustainable process.




Anders Lindqvist



Scandinavian Water Technology AB, SWATAB, is a Swedish company with a focus on a sustainable society.

With a new patented product, DIRO®, SWATAB can offer everyone an opportunity to wash their clothes completely chemical-free. For us, the key words health, environment, energy and economy   are always at the forefront of development and manufacturing.

To maintain a world for future generations we need to reduce the strain on the earth. SWATAB’s filter system DIRO® makes normal detergent chemicals redundant and reduces energy usage used within laundry and dishwashing processes.


Per Hansson, CTO R&D

Mob: +46 (0)733- 466 908

Tilek AB

Tilek Aktiebolag is a Swedish company which has developed a new process to remove harmful components from ground water in order to produce drinking water quality.

The work is concentrated on elements such as arsenic, lead and uranium. They are present in ground water at too high concentrations in many countries in the world.

The process for their removal is based on the use of oxides of iron and manganese.  A combined solid product of these compounds has been demonstrated to have excellent capacity to eliminate the elements mentioned.

The process developed is named Tilaquas.  It takes place in two stages: In a reactor tank followed by a particle separation stage.

Six commercial installations have been built. An additional contract for a Tilaquas installation in Sweden with capacity to remove lead, uranium, nitrite, iron and manganese with a capacity for 15 households has recently been signed.

Standard equipment is used.  A normal pressure tank is used as reactor. A suspension of the solid particles is fed by a small membrane pump into the water at times when water is flowing into the tank.  Due to turbulent conditions inside the tank the contact between solid particles and the incoming water is efficient. A normal sand filter with automatic flushing is used for separation of the solid particles with its impurities.

Tilek is looking for an established company in the field with good knowledge of the market not only in Sweden but also in other countries for cooperation in the further commercialization of the process.


Tilek Aktiebolag, Dr. Westerlunds gata 18, 74563 Enköping, Sweden.

Contact:, tel.: + 46 70 560 06 83


Again´s solution captures nutrients from both WC and waterless toilets. Our unique additive ZeoPeatTM , made from natural and richly available components, captures more than 95% of phosphorous and more than 70% of nitrogen and potassium from the liquid part. The wet fertilizer can be locally dried and can be used as powder or pelletized in agriculture.


Mikael Olsson
+46 (0)705-364094


From biogas to electricity

Againity has developed an innovative system producing electricity from heat in biogas boilers, gas engines, gas turbines and any other heat source from 90 degrees Celsius. The system is based on the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology and an in-house developed steam turbine. The system can utilize heat down to 90 degrees Celsius and still have a short payback time for systems down to 20 kW. Today four ORC systems are up and running on the Swedish market where biogas from waste water treatment plants have become a major customer segment. The ORC system is delivered pre-fabricated and installed by a simple pipe connection of the heat source and a cable to the power grid. It is fully automated and a TCP/IP connection allows convenient monitoring and remote control. The turbine system consists of high-quality components, designed to last long periods without maintenance. At Againity we happily help with suggestions of technical set-up and financial calculations for potential projects.

Elin Ledskog
+46 (0) 705 29 32 23

Aquarden Technologies ApS

 Solutions for treatment of industrial wastewater

Aquarden Technologies is an expert in sustainable treatment of problematic wastewater and offers total solutions for solving some of the toughest wastewater challenges. We deliver consultancy, turnkey systems, and services – all customized to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Our mission is to help customers in complying with the highest environmental standards for wastewater treatment by providing green, and cost-effective solutions with the best available technology and wastewater expertise. Resource recovery is an integral part of Aquarden’s R&D philosophy. Our solutions benefit a number of different industries like biotech, chemical, pharmaceutical, landfill, laundries, galvanic, and petrochemical.


Our flagship, Waterox

Wastewater can be a hazardous cocktail of pharma­ceuticals, solvents, detergents, industrial chemicals, hormone-disrupting compounds, pesticides, and more. Aquarden’s proprietary and prize-winning Waterox-system is specifically designed for treatment of wastewater with high contents of toxic and hardly-degradable organic substances.

The fully automated system efficiently removes organics, salts, and heavy metals in one step. The purified water is so clean that it can be discharged directly to the ocean, or reused as process water. The method behind Waterox is called SCWO (SuperCritical Water Oxidation). The patented Waterox-system was launched in 2015.

The company is based in Skævinge, approx. 45 minutes from Copenhagen, and our facilities include fully equipped production halls, chemical laboratory, R&D, and test facilities for our expanding team of specialists.

Christine Qvistdorff, Marketing Manager
+45 48708588



Soleva Technologies AB

Soleva Technologies works with new and creative ways to dehydrate products containing water. Our expertise lies in the areas of food engineering and membrane technologies where we have the knowledge and experience to look at the entire process from raw material to concentrated product. Our technology can be used, for example, to create fruit pastes and jams from juicy fruits that are difficult to preserve using traditional drying methods. We are based in the stimulating and vibrant city of Lund.

Contact person:
Randi Phinney
Managing Director
+46 76 161 35 14

Ecofiltration Nordic AB

Ecofiltration is a leading environmental technology company which is developing, manufacturing and selling scalable Polonite phosphorus filters that remove and recover phosphorus from sewage water. The reactive filter media also has other good features that can be used to treat sludge, odour, disinfection and micro-pollutants. The filter media can be used as small filter solutions for private sewages, large filter solutions for wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), both municipal and industrial, and specialized solutions for agriculture and animal husbandry.

Phosphorus is a finite resource that causes eutrophication and needs to be returned to productive soil in a sustainable way. After treating wastewater, saturated Polonite is rich in phosphorus and can be used as a fertilizer that releases phosphorus in the same pace as the plant’s uptake.

Ecofiltration is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with 10 employees and have sold more than 6000 filters for private sewages and 200 small scale WWTP in Sweden. Ecofiltration is also operating in countries surrounding the Baltic Sea such as Poland, Russia, Germany and Baltic countries and also in selected countries like the UK. Pilot installations on large phosphorus filters are set up in Sweden, Russia and the UK. The technology is based on over 20 years of research at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Join us in our mission for a better future. Filtering for life.

Alexandra Stark
Communication and Marketing Manager
Tel: +46 723 23 33 87