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Tilek AB

Tilek Aktiebolag is a Swedish company which has developed a new process to remove harmful components from ground water in order to produce drinking water quality.

The work is concentrated on elements such as arsenic, lead and uranium. They are present in ground water at too high concentrations in many countries in the world.

The process for their removal is based on the use of oxides of iron and manganese.  A combined solid product of these compounds has been demonstrated to have excellent capacity to eliminate the elements mentioned.

The process developed is named Tilaquas.  It takes place in two stages: In a reactor tank followed by a particle separation stage.

Six commercial installations have been built. An additional contract for a Tilaquas installation in Sweden with capacity to remove lead, uranium, nitrite, iron and manganese with a capacity for 15 households has recently been signed.

Standard equipment is used.  A normal pressure tank is used as reactor. A suspension of the solid particles is fed by a small membrane pump into the water at times when water is flowing into the tank.  Due to turbulent conditions inside the tank the contact between solid particles and the incoming water is efficient. A normal sand filter with automatic flushing is used for separation of the solid particles with its impurities.

Tilek is looking for an established company in the field with good knowledge of the market not only in Sweden but also in other countries for cooperation in the further commercialization of the process.


Tilek Aktiebolag, Dr. Westerlunds gata 18, 74563 Enköping, Sweden.

Contact:, tel.: + 46 70 560 06 83

Ecofiltration Nordic AB

Ecofiltration is a leading environmental technology company which is developing, manufacturing and selling scalable Polonite phosphorus filters that remove and recover phosphorus from sewage water. The reactive filter media also has other good features that can be used to treat sludge, odour, disinfection and micro-pollutants. The filter media can be used as small filter solutions for private sewages, large filter solutions for wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), both municipal and industrial, and specialized solutions for agriculture and animal husbandry.

Phosphorus is a finite resource that causes eutrophication and needs to be returned to productive soil in a sustainable way. After treating wastewater, saturated Polonite is rich in phosphorus and can be used as a fertilizer that releases phosphorus in the same pace as the plant’s uptake.

Ecofiltration is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with 10 employees and have sold more than 6000 filters for private sewages and 200 small scale WWTP in Sweden. Ecofiltration is also operating in countries surrounding the Baltic Sea such as Poland, Russia, Germany and Baltic countries and also in selected countries like the UK. Pilot installations on large phosphorus filters are set up in Sweden, Russia and the UK. The technology is based on over 20 years of research at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Join us in our mission for a better future. Filtering for life.

Alexandra Stark
Communication and Marketing Manager
Tel: +46 723 23 33 87


Aqua-Q is a Cleantech applied research export oriented company from Stockholm. The company has extensive experience from Swedish municipal and industrial water treatment.

Aqua-Q prioritises two environmental sectors in water treatment.

  1. Proven dynamic intelligent water sampler coupled with 24/7 early warning surveillance/monitoring system.
  2. Total removal of pharmaceutical residues and pathogens in water specifically from MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) effluent.

1) To overcome the limitations of random sampling Aqua-Q developed AQUATRACK® an intelligent dynamic water sampler coupled with an early warning system, patented technology. This is the first time the management can have access to correct real time microbiological sampling. AQUATRACK® combines the strength of real time dynamic sampling and early warning system to create an efficient cost effective and novel tool for management to mitigate against the significant threat of water borne pathogens like parasites (Cryptosporidium and Giardia) and bacteria (E.coli).  Early Warning System, AQUATRACK® together with our quick bacteria analysing kit, MultiReader, is a powerful tool for quality assurance of a process.

2) Besides AQUATRACK® Aqua-Q provides its experience, knowledge and expertise of ozone water treatment (mixing of gas and water, choice of material and measuring technology) which provides cost effective modular ozone polishing system to eliminate both pharmaceutical residues and pathogens in effluent water.

Aqua-Q’s technologies 1) and 2) can be combined for quality control of drinking water, reuse of water, reclaimed water and recycled water.

Ulla Chowdhury, Founder & Director
+46 (0)73-678 14 25


Flocazur is a new disruptive bio economy technology that only uses natural forces and consists of one step only – four to five different reactions in one reactor with big impact, for separation of particles, oils and ions from liquids/water.

The technology is a very effective transformation/separation technology based on the use of natural physical and chemical forces that bind particles. These reactions together form effective coalescence – the formation of homogenized sludge. The innovative reactor is designed to fast and effective maximize coalescence and by that obtain homogenized sludge that is easy to separate. This makes it possible to avoid or reduce the use of chemical polymers. The reactor is very flexible, it can be scaled into different sizes and could constitute a whole treatment installation or be part of an already existing treatment plant.

We have validated the technology for treatment of heavy polluted process liquids from the car/metal industry together with a big international German company with very good results and for Recirculating AquacultureSystem (RAS) also with very good results. European fisheries fund and Havsmiljöfonden – Swedish government, funded the three-year validation project for aquaculture.

Our IP strategy comprises patents in both the USA and China and we are interested in cooperation with a company, that after positive testing of the technique, would be interested in a licence agreement.

Ninni Petersson
+46 31 14 48 28


Pixact develops and supplies online process measurements based on digital imaging. The company started as a spin-off from academic research on 2006.

The Pixact technology is based on high-magnification imaging of process suspensions followed by real-time computational image analysis to retrieve desired measurement information. This technology allows our customers to monitor and control their processes efficiently leading to improved performance and even more simple operation. The application areas often comprise critical process steps, which previously have not be monitored or controlled online. Typical measurement results include the distributions and trends for the particle size, morphology and color, Here the particle refers to any dispersed phase element, such as bubble, droplet, fiber, cell etc.

In addition to complete measurement systems, Pixact offers contact research and analysis services. Our references include several applications in the pulp & paper, water treatment and chemical industries, such as general particle diagnostics, flotation, flocculation, crystallization and polymerization.

Hannu Eloranta, Managing Director
+35 8 40 502 9604

Gemit logo


Gemit develops and delivers IT solutions and related services to customers in the water and wastewater industry. By combining business expertise with innovative design the customer obtains solutions in order to visualize complex information in a simple way. Information is made available throughout the organisation which improves data quality.

Marianna Berbeyer Cuevas
+46 76 0905307


SansOx Limited, a part of the Finnish Cleantech Cluster of companies, is dedicated into developing and marketing new innovative solutions and technologies for worldwide clean water market. SansOx aims also at being at the front wave in the worldwide issue concerning the global water shortage in Circular Economy, which will require massive investments in treatments for NEWater in the future.

Our innovative solutions have required the rethinking of water treatment. It is a process of change in water treatment – faster, more efficient, more controlled. Clean and correctly dissolved gases into liquids or water are crucial for several industrial processes and will significantly improve the processes and improve water treatment.

At SansOx, we believe that environmentally friendly products can also be efficient and economical. SansOx provides optimal solutions for several branches of water treatment such as drinking water production, fish farming, agriculture and industrial water processing. Our innovative products offer solutions for fast and efficient dissolving with minimal energy consumption, energy efficiency, and more controlled solids separation and total water treatment solutions.

SansOx Ltd has already won twice the WssTP EU Innovation Award – 2014 with The OxTube and 2015 with The SaoxFuge. Additional innovations are being tested and on the drawing table.


Mikael Seppälä, Managing Director
+35 8 500 603 020

Tate Vanhamäki, Communications
+35 8 50 5736 987

Sofi Filtration Logo

Sofi Filtration

Sofi Filtration is a privately owned company designing and developing state-of-the-art liquid filtration technology. The company’s team has over 40 combined years of experience in heavy industry water treatment processes, such as the minerals processing industry. Backed by public innovation development funding, the team developed an innovative, energy efficient water treatment system that is commercialized under brand name Sofi Filter.

Sofi Filter is a true technological innovation: an automatically self-cleaning cross-flow filtration system, that is easy to install and economic to operate. Sofi Filter ensures that the operator has clean process water by separating even the finest solid particles from the liquid without requiring chemicals, manual filter changes nor any other operator attention.

Sofi Filter is used in wide variety of industries, for example flue gas condensate treatment in power plants, pre-filtering before reverse osmosis, industrial textile to recirculate the wash waters and in minerals processing to prevent environmental pollution.

Ville Hakala, CEO

+35 8 40 704 9290


EPFF AB is a swedish start-up company and stands for Electrical Pipes For Fluids.
It was founded by Thomas Andersson who has a vast experience in plastic pipes for sensitive or hazardous liquids.
Lund University Innovation System (LUIS) is a minority owner as well.

The ePipe System is an innovative solution to prevent regrowth of bacteria and biofilm inside pipes of piping and distribution systems.
Through electrification of the conductive ePipes and their components, the presence of bacteria and biofilm is highly reduced. The analyses have shown a very impressive efficiency of the ePipe System.

EPFF offers the possibility of a cleaner and healthier fluid (experiments with drinking water and beer), through an eco-friendly treatment, which also means way lower maintenance costs.
There are many possible applications for the use of ePipe System, starting with distribution of drinking water but also for fluids used in industrial manufacturing and processes, or for example in the food industry and distribution. This long-term solution against biofilm is also very safe as the electrification only uses very low voltage.

The experiments and analyses are done at Lund University, at the department of microbiology (TMB, Kemi-centrum) by a french engineer, Marie Baehr. The research concerning the ePipes conveying drinking water has been done in collaboration with VA-Syd and their water plant in Lund, Källby.


Marie Baehr
+46 70-427 57 79



Primozone® is Redefining Ozone Technology™ with its cutting edge ozone generators; designed for challenging water treatment applications in the municipal, industrial and aquaculture markets. The benefits compared to conventional ozone generator technology are substantial. Primozone ozone technology is offering the highest energy efficiency, highest ozone concentration and highest gas pressure on the market. This enables key improvement at different points in the ozone installation that in the end means savings in both investment and life cycle costs.

Jürgen Bischhaus, Head of Sales
+46 46 70 45 70