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Swedish Hydro Solutions AB

Swedish Hydro Solutions offers knowledge, products and equipment for effective and environmentally sustainable treatment of large volumes of water.

Swedish Hydro Solutions AB is an innovation company in environmental and water engineering. We are a knowledge hub and source of knowledge regarding water treatment and long-term, ecologically and economically sustainable change management. Our goal is to be one of the leading suppliers of environmental and water treatment solutions in Europe.

We work primarily with our patented water treatment technology, which we have introduced to the Swedish market over the last two years. The technology is based on fully biodegradable treatment substances and our technology has proven results, both in Sweden and abroad, and demonstrated high safety for the environment and effective treatment results.

We focus primarily on companies in building and construction industry, and other companies with a need for high-quality treatment of large volumes of water. Our knowledge and technology provides financial benefits and time savings for our customers and partners, as well as an environmentally sustainable process.




Anders Lindqvist



Scandinavian Water Technology AB, SWATAB, is a Swedish company with a focus on a sustainable society.

With a new patented product, DIRO®, SWATAB can offer everyone an opportunity to wash their clothes completely chemical-free. For us, the key words health, environment, energy and economy   are always at the forefront of development and manufacturing.

To maintain a world for future generations we need to reduce the strain on the earth. SWATAB’s filter system DIRO® makes normal detergent chemicals redundant and reduces energy usage used within laundry and dishwashing processes.


Per Hansson, CTO R&D

Mob: +46 (0)733- 466 908

Soleva Technologies AB

Soleva Technologies works with new and creative ways to dehydrate products containing water. Our expertise lies in the areas of food engineering and membrane technologies where we have the knowledge and experience to look at the entire process from raw material to concentrated product. Our technology can be used, for example, to create fruit pastes and jams from juicy fruits that are difficult to preserve using traditional drying methods. We are based in the stimulating and vibrant city of Lund.

Contact person:
Randi Phinney
Managing Director
+46 76 161 35 14

Beyond Clean Water

Swedrop AB and our sister company Swecin AB are fully owned by Beyond Clean Water AB (BWC). The owners of BWC are a small group of private investors and individuals. We are committed to developing innovative products that contribute to keeping our limited supply of water clean.

SweDrop, the disposable floating storm water filter is an innovation that dramatically changes the cost structure of cleaning storm water at the source, in the storm water drain.

Swedrop is a disposable filter, which floats in the standing water of the storm water drain. Drop in – let it work – exchange. Swedrop is simply dropped in to the storm water drain, where the absorbents work on incoming water, on surface water and on standing water. The filter extracts hydrocarbons, chemicals and heavy metals from the water. Typically for a year before it is ready for exchange.


Patrick Baltscheffsky, Director
+46 721 947603

Ellinor Eklund, Sales and Marketing
+46 72 7080049

Gemit logo


Gemit develops and delivers IT solutions and related services to customers in the water and wastewater industry. By combining business expertise with innovative design the customer obtains solutions in order to visualize complex information in a simple way. Information is made available throughout the organisation which improves data quality.

Marianna Berbeyer Cuevas
+46 76 0905307


DyeCoo is the world’s first supplier of a water & process-chemical-free textile processing solution. Its revolutionary CO2-based and industrial proven dyeing process makes textile dyeing sustainable, efficient and profitable. We want to lead the textile industry towards a lean and clean future. We believe that our revolutionary CO2-based technology will replace water-based dyeing technology around the world, setting the new standard in the textile industry.

Textile dyeing has been synonymous with water and water pollution for centuries. The textile industry is the second largest polluter of drinking water. No matter how sophisticated water- based dyeing technologies have become, the fact is: a lot of water is still being polluted. No one thought this would ever change. Even when CO2-based technology was developed as an alternative, there were plenty of doubts. Can this new technology be efficient? Can it be profitable? Can it be scaled? DyeCoo has answered all these questions by proving its technology on industrial scale.

DyeCoo, based in Weesp, the Netherlands has more than 15 years of experience and knowledge in CO2 technology and the design and engineering of CO2 equipment.

Rudolf Hoeffelman, CEO
+31 (0)294 41 00 25

Melica logo


Melica is a member-owned consultancy firm that started in 1987 with its roots in the environmental movement. Today, the co-operative consists of thirteen green consultants operating within a broad interdisciplinary field including nature, environmental science, tourism, rural development, urban and built environments, society and culture. As experts we can investigate, give advice and be active participants in implementation. Our assignments often result in some form of communication output. Breadth of expertise, interdisciplinary science and a good portion of curiosity makes us a strong green partner.

Teresia Wengström
+46 730 26 60 25


4IT AB is a company that for 15 years has concentrated on developing Business Intelligence tools for decision-makers in large and complex organizations. Within the water sector, we participate in a European collaboration to develop methods and tools in the decision support area for increased use of specific near finished environmentally innovative technologies. We are mainly focusing on wastewater treatment and flood risk management solutions, and the corresponding technology.

Our methodology is to always strive to make our BI tools as easy to use as possible, even if the underlying systems are extensive and complicated. Our guiding principle is to remove bottlenecks and time-consuming step in the organization’s processes. The goal is to increase efficiency and save money for the business, while making the work enjoyable for the decision makers who own the process.

Mats Alexandersson, Marketing Manager
+46 46 286 48 00
+46 709 21 28 81

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SymCel provides a novel cell-based assay tool for real time cellular bioenergetic measurements. SymCel is a privately held biotechnology company located in the Kista region of Stockholm Sweden, a region well known for high tech telecom and med-tech industry development.

SymCel™ develops and markets analytical instrumentations that fulfill an unmet need for cell biological research and development, within R&D departments of Life Science industry, as well as academic research laboratories. Our solution is a fast label-free assay technology providing real-time continuous data monitoring of cell metabolism.

Christer Wallin, CEO
+46 733 469053