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Viega. Connected in quality.

Our ambition is to exceed ourselves – each and every day. By looking for regular dialogue with our customers. By developing better products and service features. And by leading our company into the future without ever losing sight of appreciation of our heritage.

In everything we do we are connected in quality. This is not something new, but has been our leitmotif since the company was founded over 115 years ago with the vision to revolutionise installation technology. With over 4,000 employees, we have progressed to become a world market leader – while remaining a family-owned company that sets its own standards. This is how we ensure quality ‘made in Germany’ and products of the highest grade, worldwide.

It is really important for us to support our customers in their daily work. We coordinate materials, technology and comfort, take time for quality management and invest in research and development. The result is a perfectly tuned system providing over 17,000 products – available whenever our customers need them. As a global market leader, we are also committed to sharing our know-how with our customers all around the world.


Drinking water quality

Viega’s core competence: maintaining drinking water quality. This means that our activities in this area go far beyond simply developing products and using the right materials. Drinking water is uniquely valuable, and it is not without good cause that it is one of the most strictly monitored commodities. That is why we also provide support to our customers in the form of comprehensive service and seminars on maintaining drinking water quality. Our innovative solutions come into their own when this fund of knowledge is properly put into practice. As is the case with the products that feature the Viega Hygiene+ function which helps to prevent stagnation and critical temperatures in drinking water installations.

Michael Ottersbach, Project leader R&D
+49 2722 61-5029

FM Mattsson Mora Group

FM Mattsson Mora Group develops and manufactures faucets and accessories. The consistent theme of operations is leading-edge technology, high quality, attractive design and eco-friendliness. Marketing is through the strong, well established product brands FM Mattsson, Mora Armatur and Damixa. The strength of these brands is one of the group’s most valuable assets.

To fully exploit the strength of its three product brands, FM Mattsson Mora Group is engaged in a long-term process to clearly differentiate and position them on the market. The objective is that as far as possible, products should be mutually complementary, rather than competing. FM Mattsson will be the leading brand for faucets in the Nordics. The key words are safety, sustainability and functionality. Mora Armatur is a premium brand with its emphasis on advanced design tailored to modern lifestyles. Damixa stands for Danish design and good quality.

FM Mattsson Mora Group has sales of over 1 000 MSEK and some 550 full-time employees. Production of the company’s products are in Mora, Sweden, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Postal address:
FM Mattsson Mora GroupAB

P.O.Box 480
SE-792 27 MORA

Visiting address:
Östnorsvägen 95

Phone +46 (0)250 59 60 00.
Fax +46 (0)250 159 60.


Frank Rälg
Business Development Manager
+46 250596421

Veolia Water Technologies

With a worldwide network of experts, Veolia Water Technologies provides a complete range of services required to design, build, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities for industrial clients and public authorities.

Anoxkaldnes, a global leader in biological processes since 1986, specializes in biological wastewater treatment based on the MBBR technology for municipal and industrial wastewater. Anoxkaldnes designs and develops technology and process solutions, and provide laboratory and specialist services.

Hydrotech, a global leader in microscreen filter solutions since 1984, develops and manufactures high-performance filters for suspended solids removal for the industrial, municipal and aquaculture markets.

Sofia Lind

+46 46 18 21 51

Join Business & Technology

Welcome to us at JOIN. We deliver and support strategic research development in most technology areas. We help you, and your organization, to develop products, processes and business. We supply custom-designed products for industry and research.

In producdevelopment we are focusing in three business areas:

JOIN Thechnology: 

JOIN offers advanced product development consulting services. We have an impressive amount of expertise in mainly three areas: design, construction and management.

Our aesthetic designers are highly qualified and have extensive experience in designing and coloring appliances and equipment to make them easy to use and get a selling and presentable look. Thechnology design is a big concept at JOIN. JOIN has broad competence in general physics, mechanics, electronics and computer engineering. We also have specialists in thermodynamics, multifysics and programming.

Management:  Project management, coaching of your leaders, technical due diligence, financing of venture capital and advice and deed all the way to developmental strategic issues at the board level.

JOIN Equipment:

JOIN delivers specially developed equipment and instruments for industry and research. We have a long-term commitment to deepen and become a champion in the field.

Our location at Ideon Science Park means a continuous exchange of industry and research with many new ideas and creative thoughts for brand new principles. Many of our delivered solutions are intended for measurement and analysis, but we also do material handling, fluid systems for energy management and chemical processes. We are used to moving in to the borderland for what is possible.

JOIN Business:

JOIN Business stands for the highest level of expertise and long experience from everything from advanced business strategy management to venture capital companies, evaluating new technologies and its markets to also search and transfer venture capital. If you need reinforcement in the board or company management we can help with that as well.

JOIN Business & Technology
Ideon Science Park
Scheelevägen 15
223 63 LUND
046-286 34 00

Göran Nybom




Erica Nobel / Partner / Attorney

Phone direct +46 (0) 40-660 79 00

Mobile +46 (0) 73-380 02 25


Jens Kinnander / Partner / Advokat

Phone direct +46 40 660 79 38

Mobile +46 709 99 10 20