DyeCoo is the world’s first supplier of a water & process-chemical-free textile processing solution. Its revolutionary CO2-based and industrial proven dyeing process makes textile dyeing sustainable, efficient and profitable. We want to lead the textile industry towards a lean and clean future. We believe that our revolutionary CO2-based technology will replace water-based dyeing technology around the world, setting the new standard in the textile industry.

Textile dyeing has been synonymous with water and water pollution for centuries. The textile industry is the second largest polluter of drinking water. No matter how sophisticated water- based dyeing technologies have become, the fact is: a lot of water is still being polluted. No one thought this would ever change. Even when CO2-based technology was developed as an alternative, there were plenty of doubts. Can this new technology be efficient? Can it be profitable? Can it be scaled? DyeCoo has answered all these questions by proving its technology on industrial scale.

DyeCoo, based in Weesp, the Netherlands has more than 15 years of experience and knowledge in CO2 technology and the design and engineering of CO2 equipment.


Rudolf Hoeffelman, CEO
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