Greenwater Team Sweden AB is a Swedish company, developing and manufacturing sustainable off-grid water treatment solutions. All our products are made to Swedish quality and are certified with European “CE” certification.

Our customers are municipalities, government, companies, aid organizations and private consumers.

Greenwater products purify water in a sustainable way, in any environment regardless of the local infrastructure by using solar energy and batteries. Good tasting and safe drinking water is produced simply and securely without unhealthy chemicals.

Greenwater is currently developing scalable solutions for different concepts, emergency help kit, reverse osmosis kit and solar charged toilets built with integrated combustion technique.
Greenwater Kit
Greenwater Kit is a complete, mobile, selfsufficient unit. Powered with integrated solar cells the unit can produce safe drinking water from many water sources, a lake, river or a contaminated well. Through the purification process all viruses, bacteria and parasites – such as Bilharzia, Giardia, Cryptosporidium and resistant bacteria – are eliminated.

We have been performing technical tests and water sample tests in Sweden and field tests in Rwanda, which have all been carried out by licensed laboratories.

Annika Johansson, CEO
+46 705 873 666