Interspol Bioteknik AB

Interspol Bioteknik AB is a subsidiary of Interspol AB, where Interspol Systems AB and Interspol Avloppsteknik AB is part of the group.

We offer projection, sales, installation, service and maintenance.

Our biological agents reduce fat, odor and BOD in water, which is a way to determine the degree of pollution from the discharge of organic matter from wastewater. Our bio agents are 100% environmentally friendly and made from natural ingredients without added chemicals and are automatically added to our dosage technology.

Environmentally friendly, comfortable, simple, cost effective and reduces the number of drainages!

Interspol Group also offers comprehensive expertise in:

  • Food waste systems
  • Food waste grinders
  • Fat separators
  • Oil separators
  • Pipe inspection
  • Pipe clean up
  • Pipe relining
  • Problem solving/Odor
  • Consultations

We are certified according to the quality and environmental system ISO 9001/14001. For more information and contact details, visit

Ulf Hellman
+46 70 9998856
08 68441155