EPFF AB is a swedish start-up company and stands for Electrical Pipes For Fluids. It was founded by Thomas Andersson who has a vast experience in plastic pipes for sensitive or hazardous liquids. Lund University Innovation System (LUIS) is a minority owner as well.

The ePipe System is an innovative solution to prevent regrowth of bacteria and biofilm inside pipes of piping and distribution systems.
Through electrification of the conductive ePipes and their components, the presence of bacteria and biofilm is highly reduced. The analyses have shown a very impressive efficiency of the ePipe System.

EPFF offers the possibility of a cleaner and healthier fluid (experiments with drinking water and beer), through an eco-friendly treatment, which also means way lower maintenance costs. There are many possible applications for the use of ePipe System, starting with distribution of drinking water but also for fluids used in industrial manufacturing and processes, or for example in the food industry and distribution. This long-term solution against biofilm is also very safe as the electrification only uses very low voltage.

The experiments and analyses are done at Lund University, at the department of microbiology (TMB, Kemi-centrum) by a french engineer, Marie Baehr. The research concerning the ePipes conveying drinking water has been done in collaboration with VA-Syd and their water plant in Lund, Källby.

Official member of WIN Water

Official member of WIN Water


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Marie Baehr
Tel: +46 70-427 57 79

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Lund, Sweden


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