Sofi Filtration

Sofi Filtration is a privately owned company designing and developing state-of-the-art liquid filtration technology. The company’s team has over 40 combined years of experience in heavy industry water treatment processes, such as the minerals processing industry. Backed by public innovation development funding, the team developed an innovative, energy efficient water treatment system that is commercialized under brand name Sofi Filter.

Sofi Filter is a true technological innovation: an automatically self-cleaning cross-flow filtration system, that is easy to install and economic to operate. Sofi Filter ensures that the operator has clean process water by separating even the finest solid particles from the liquid without requiring chemicals, manual filter changes nor any other operator attention.

Sofi Filter is used in wide variety of industries, for example flue gas condensate treatment in power plants, pre-filtering before reverse osmosis, industrial textile to recirculate the wash waters and in minerals processing to prevent environmental pollution.

Official member of WIN Water

Official member of WIN Water


Contact person

Ville Hakala
Tel: +35 8407049290

Visiting address

4 Luoteirinne, Espoo 02270, Finland

Sofi Filtration

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