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Tilek Aktiebolag is a Swedish company which has developed a new process to remove harmful components from ground water in order to produce drinking water quality.

The work is concentrated on elements such as arsenic, lead and uranium. They are present in ground water at too high concentrations in many countries in the world.

The process for their removal is based on the use of oxides of iron and manganese. A combined solid product of these compounds has been demonstrated to have excellent capacity to eliminate the elements mentioned.

The process developed is named Tilaquas. It takes place in two stages: In a reactor tank followed by a particle separation stage.

Six commercial installations have been built. An additional contract for a Tilaquas installation in Sweden with capacity to remove lead, uranium, nitrite, iron and manganese with a capacity for 15 households has recently been signed.

Standard equipment is used. A normal pressure tank is used as reactor. A suspension of the solid particles is fed by a small membrane pump into the water at times when water is flowing into the tank. Due to turbulent conditions inside the tank the contact between solid particles and the incoming water is efficient. A normal sand filter with automatic flushing is used for separation of the solid particles with its impurities.

Tilek is looking for an established company in the field with good knowledge of the market not only in Sweden but also in other countries for cooperation in the further commercialization of the process.

Official member of WIN Water

Official member of WIN Water


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Tilek AB

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