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Sydvatten – collaboration for commercial public welfare
Sydvatten AB (Southern Sweden Water Supply) is a municipally owned company that produces drinking water for 900,000 inhabitants in the 16 joint-owner municipalities in Skåne. The Company was founded in 1966 and is today one of Sweden’s largest producers of drinking water. As a municipally owned Public Limited Company, collaboration for commercial public welfare is a fundamental concept for Sydvatten. The owners have stated that the company shall be a competitive company that influences progress within the sector and contributes towards the further-development of the municipalities. Company growth on the future market is not based on corporate profit maximisation, but rather on ultimate public welfare.
The drinking water produced by Sydvatten comes from Lake Bolmen in Småland and Lake Vomb in Skåne. Sydvatten owns and operates the Bolmen Tunnel, the two Ringsjö and Vomb water purification plants, and the water mains system for the distribution of drinking water. In total, Sydvatten’s main network for drinking water measures 300 kilometres.
Jörgen Johansson, CEO
+46 40 351550