Why WIN Water?

Become a WIN water partner to get innovative water solutions to problems you haven’t yet discovered. Create Your innovation pathway with the dedicated WIN teams competence and a unique networking methodology.


Partner benefits

What’s in it for you?

4 WIN meetings every year

  • State of the art forum with short pitches on technologies and market needs
  • Active matchmaking creates business between companies and other partners
  • Workshops to bring up your own water-related challenges to get insights and innovative solutions

Result-oriented innovation support

  • The experienced WIN team supports Business intelligence and scouting through WINs extended networks
  • WIN has created tangible results for 75 partners and innovation companies since 2012

Become a part of the journey – stretching the vision of Water usage in the society!

  • Through WIN, and the Triple helix constellation, partners can test and create solutions for the future water market
  • Through WIN you can be a part of larger international applications and projects
  • External events and seminars, as well as collaboration activities

Terms for partnership

  • Yearly partner fee: 50 000 SEK (approx. 5 000 Eur) and “in kind”-support to a value of max 50 000 SEK (a business activity e.g. testing innovations, technical verification, market verification)
  • Shared membership in TAG (Technology Approval Group). New mutual decision yearly. Yearly fee: 15 000 SEK (approx. 1 500 Eur)

Technology Approval Group (TAG) is a global innovation forum of the world’s leading water utilities, directed by Isle Utilities in the UK. WIN Partners get access to TAG meetings and an extensive database with SWEs and evaluated water technology solutions.

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