Swedrop AB and our sister company Swecin AB are fully owned by Beyond Clean Water AB (BWC). The owners of BWC are a small group of private investors and individuals. We are committed to developing innovative products that contribute to keeping our limited supply of water clean.

SweDrop, the disposable floating storm water filter is an innovation that dramatically changes the cost structure of cleaning storm water at the source, in the storm water drain.

Swedrop is a disposable filter, which floats in the standing water of the storm water drain. Drop in – let it work – exchange. Swedrop is simply dropped in to the storm water drain, where the absorbents work on incoming water, on surface water and on standing water. The filter extracts hydrocarbons, chemicals and heavy metals from the water. Typically for a year before it is ready for exchange.

Official member of WIN Water
Proud member of WIN Water

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Patrick Baltscheffsky
+46 721 947603

Ellinor Eklund
Sales and Marketing
+46 72 7080049

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Verkmästaregatan 1, 252 27 Helsingborg, Sweden

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